Felco 981 resin remover

Felco 981 resin remover

Experts tell us to clean and sharpen our secateurs regularly to prevent the spread of plant diseases and viruses and to ensure a good cut.


I’m not sure how you’re supposed to clean them between bushes without the pruning job taking forever. What I do is keep a Domestos surface wipe hanging out of a pocket and wipe the blades with that, hoping it will do the job and no harm. Feel free to tell me I’m wasting my time!

A bigger problem is the resin that gathers on the blades and clogs them up, making them hard to clean.

I’m sure there are other products can do this, but Felco 981 resin remover was the first product I was introduced to. And I love it! It cleans beautifully. Spray it on – a froth gathers on the blade – leave for a few minutes, then rub gently with a cloth (I use a bit of wire wool followed by some paper towel). The result is amazing. Not quite like new, but a huge improvement, and so easy. Now if you’re so minded you can sharpen the blade – another quick job and another tool. See here.

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