ProCook Apple Peeler

ProCook Apple Peeler

This is a device I would not be without. I have an old apple tree that is quite prolific, though the fruit is usually damaged – it’s either fallen from a great height and been bruised or played host at some point to some pest (who may still be in residence).


It’s difficult to throw out such a bounteous crop. This implement enables me to salvage a good portion.

You pull the winding mechanism back, put the apple on the spikes and then turn – driving it towards three cutting implements at the other end. One peels as the apple passes, the other cores and the third slices.

You are left with a lovely cored, peeled apple spiral. Removing the brown bits is a piece of cake from here – I chop the rest and make stewed apple.

The apple spirals go down well with kids, who love turning the handle and watching it go to work. And it’s not too difficult to clean.

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